Korean Language School KOREAN HORANGI:

Our courses are conducted on-line, using the ZOOM and Google Meet platforms. 
 Our teachers connect with you via the videoconferencing platform and send you the necessary materials for your activities. 

Courses dedicated to people over 14 years of age.

STANDARD course price:

50 euro for one month
244 euro for the entire semester paid in advance

Number of classes within the course:

20 meetings per semester

Class hours:

17:30 - 19:00

Educational materials:

We have our own educational materials developed according to the proprietary program.
We conduct classes in small groups: minimum 4, maximum 8 people.

Our teacher speaks Korean and English:

Inyoung Kim (Angelina) 

 인영 김 (김인영)

Dear Students:) 
It's very pleased to meet you. 

My name is Inyoung (you can also call me Angelina), I am from South Korea and from Deagu City in Korea. 

I had taught Korean language at Korean School in Warsaw and Wroclaw, Poland for over 6 years. I hope to teach you the Korean Language also the Korean Letters aka (also known as) Hangeul.
Hanguel is one of few Languages which was introduced in its own Origin when and how it was invented, what makes Korean special also unique will be like I said it's invented letters, by the King Sejong the greatest. I am very proud to be Korean as I am fully loaded with love of my country. 

I hope we will take this journey together and I hope to support you to bring you the joy in learning Korean. There must be a goal you want to achieve by learning Korean, I’m glad I can help you:) 

I studied also piano and cello at the Chopin University in Warsaw, Poland. I like to sing and read. I like sports and I am learning golf as a hobby.

You can contact us via:

...or using traditional methods:

email: juliangorski.wroclaw@gmail.com 
phone: +48 517 413 573